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TexNEP February 2015 Program
“The Behavior of Honey Bees"

Presented by:
Dr. Pamela Gregory

Thursday February 19th @ 7:00pm.
McAllen Public Library
4001 N 23rd Street
McAllen, TX 78504


Texas Nature & Environmental Photographers (TexNEP) welcomes Dr. Pamela Gregory who will be sharing her program “The Behavior of Honey Bees.” Her program will amaze you with the complexity of behaviors exhibited by this complex social insect. Learn about honey bee foraging, defensive and mating behaviors.

Pamela G. Gregory is a retired biologist from the USDA-ARS Honey Bee Research Unit in Weslaco, Texas, where she conducted physiological research on honey bees emphasizing bee diets. She revealed that feeding honey bees high fructose corn syrup significantly reduced the bees’ longevity. Dr. Gregory has also worked with the USDA-ARS Honey Bee Laboratory in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and developed a method of genotyping honey bees using wing clippings. Using this nondestructive genotyping method of queens and their offspring, she was able to demonstrate queens can be re-inseminated after months of laying eggs and produce offspring from the re-insemination procedure.

Dr. Gregory has an extensive academic and research background, beginning with undergraduate study of the biological control of mosquitos. Pamela has traveled from Florida to New Mexico and Thailand to Texas studying, researching, and teaching her love of biology, genetics and entomology.

The public is invited to attend the meeting, which takes place at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 19th. Meetings are held at the new headquarters of the McAllen Public Library, 4001 North 23rd Street (Nolana and 23rd).

There is no admission charge to attend meetings and participants are encouraged to bring up to five photos to show and share at the meeting. Images that can be shown on a digital projector are preferred, but prints are also welcome.

The TexNEP February field trip details will be given at the Thursday meeting.

For more information about TexNEP meetings, visit the organization's website (; Facebook “Texas Nature and Environmental Photographers” or contact Greg Storms, TexNEP's Program Chairman, by email at


TexNEP members range from the professional to the newbie who are interested in nature photography. We welcome film and digital shooters. Programs each month feature a guest speaker and a chance for members to share and discuss their images with others. Also each month a selected member will display images from one of their favorite places. Field trips are planned on the weekends after the Thursday meetings to one of the many Rio Grande Valley photo hotspots.
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